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Inside of a Castle
Diversity Dynasty LLC CEO

Daniel Dawkins

Chief Executive Officer

Diversity Dynasty provides unparalleled customer service and support. Our experienced and dedicated team is headed by our CEO, born in Newark, New Jersey and father of 3 boys and multiple godchildren.

He brings years of customer success experience and comprehensive administrative support to the table making us the ideal choice for all of your staffing needs. Our team of experienced professionals can provide reliable and efficient solutions for any project. Our dedication to customer service and satisfaction is unmatched and we guarantee a quick and positive outcome.

We look forward to working with you!

Inside of a Castle
Diversity Dynasty LLC CFO

Felipe Cirino

Chief Financial Officer

Diversity Dynasty is an experienced and innovative staffing agency led by a dedicated team of professionals. Our CFO, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, is father of three boys and a proud godfather.

With years of leadership experience in multiple industries and an Associates degree in medicine, we believe that our CFO's unique background and expertise makes him the perfect leader to guide the company through the ever-changing world of staffing. Our team of professionals are committed to finding the right match for any client, no matter the industry or experience level.

Let us help you find your next great hire today!

Meet Our Leadership Duo

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